Penang Char Kuey Teow, the best?

What is the best food in Penang? Plenty you will say.

But where can we enjoy the best Char Kuey Teow?
Penang? Probably.

And, where is the most expensive Char Kuey Teow serving?
Penang, probably.

Giant prawn, they are juicy, springy and fresh! Kuey Teow was fried under charcoal fire. I love the aroma. RM6.50 per small plate? I can eat 3 sets with no regreat. My stomarch will thank my wallet for life.

Compare with the Kuey Teow, my stomarch did not appreciate these Poh Piah that much.

Well, this is the small shop atLorong Selamat. I think it serve better Char Kuey Teow than the "Sisters". Althought "Sisters" has secreat weapon - crab meat.

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