Fatty Mee Hun Kuih House @ Berkely

When I was young, there was hardly any stall selling pan mien or what we used to called "mee hun ger" in Hokkian. Granma used to cook herself sometime and we were in heaven.

Now all these home cook food is available everywhere and some just so fantastically delicious!

I personally love those tougher and chewer texture noodle. In contrary, his Tua Pui's pan mien is so smooth and silky that those noodle cake just slip into my throat. No biting sensation. My teeth cannot tell my brain how my gum feel in tearing the texture. But this is just another experience.

However, the best part of the dish is the soup. Sweet and full of flavor, but not too thick. I usually finish the bowl dry.

That might be the cause of my thinner scalp.

Monosodium Glutamate.

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