San Francisco @ Bukit Jelutong

There is only few shops in Bukit Jelutong because of the small population. There is even very few restaurant there. So, we cannot expect to have all the heavenly food possible.

However, recently there is one Italian restaurant open beside the Petronas station.

Hope it can survive.

Don't get me wrong, the food is really quality and presentable.

Challenge is, with such low density of resident, it will need to attract outsider to survive. Unfortunately rarely people drop by Bukit Jelutong for jalan-jalan.

You cannot expect we Asian eat pizza and pasta everyday right?


iamthewitch said...

Nice blog! San Francisco is Italian? I thought it's Western... LOL

Mark said...

Thanks Witch... It's a mix just like Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

wow dude~
i live in BJ+i know bout the restaurant..just don't dare to try..
now that i've got the idea,i'll absolutely give it a shot..

^Gda^ said...

nice place... yummy food.. reasonable price especially with the promotion.... great!!

Anonymous said...

nice place.. yummy food.. reasonable price especially with the promotion going on... great!!