Sin Seng Fatt Curry Noddle @ Ipoh

"What is famous here?" I asked the boss.
"Everything shows on the wall are famous." Very well answered. But I felt dumb.

"I want a bowl of curry hor fan." I ordered.

"I don't want to have any prawn." She ordered.
"No problem, I can take it off." Boss has no issue.
"err... I mean I cannot eat any seafood."
"Oh! In this case, you have nothing to eat here. All the soup prepared with prawn."


"Now we know his main recipe is prawn. Next time bring sis here and check for the chicken." She suggested quietly.
"Good idea! Then we will know exactly why the soup so sweet and tasty." What a brilliant idea!

By the way, that meal, I have to finish the bowl alone with one good mate.

Curry noodle with thick santan, served with chicken strips and 2 large prawn.

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