Sometimes simple own cook noodle... Better!

Chinese New Year celebration should be like this: eat, tv, gamble, eat, sleep, eat, gamble, tv, ...

And we are going to celebrate like that for full 15 days!

Although this is the year of Dog, but I am not sure how many of you had turn to piggy already.

At least for me, I had received complains regarding to my sudden increase of mass density.

So, in order to satisfy my inner needs, I will introduce a simple own cook noodle soup to refresh us that not necessary only a ten course meal with "Yi Sang" will make you happy.

To prepare this is simple. First, you boil and cook any amount of spaghetti you like. As spaghetti is hard, you need to boil for long, until it turn soft, but springy.

In the mean time, fry some garlic with slices of Chinese mushroom in hot oil. When the garlic turn golden yellow and smell nice, add some pre-prepared soup (ikan bilis soup) into the wok. Then you can add what ever you like, such as meat balls, prawns, sotong, fish cakes, etc. You can also add some vegetables at the end of the cooking.

To serve, just place the spaghetti into a bowl, and pour the soup into it and whalaa... Special noodle soup is done. Easy? Sure!

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rokh said...

seems yummy. i would love that with meehon or hor fun though