Last day of Chinese New Year, celebrate by praying for better.

Live Life!

Zap Goh Meh, the 15th day of Chinese New Year and our first full moon for this year. We went to a temple around Ipoh, near Sg Siput for praying, together with thousands of others from all over the country.

The temple name.

Bell ringing for all students.

Some food served. Eaten for better life, better destiny.

Lion head, majestic yet pretty.

Its a powerful animal, lucky simbol.

Which lion you like? Which is more Life?

Good Life! Live Life!

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frvfrens said...

a bit of an art there. unfortunately they meant nothing to me. being away from home for 5 years now,... but thankfully enough i was still able to recall the look of a dragon head!

blogger, blogging, ... so common these days. all these sophistication, are they just another one of the "big boys" game, to lure us into deep isolation. or are we just lonesome tonight?