Asam laksa and more... in Jusco Mid Valley

I am sure that most of us had been to Mid Valley Megamall and shop in Jusco there. So, you should not miss it when you were in top floor and smelling people queueing up for asam laksa at the section selling plants and gardening stuff.

I could not say that the food there is the best. But, when you walking and shopping for hours in a department store, it would be always nice to have some spicy and nice aroma food, right?

Not the best I have, but I don't mind to have it whenever I go shopping there.

Asam laksa, looks okay, taste okay, but it smell nice. Wonder what kinda fish they use.

This is call KL KoewTiao Soup, just koewtioa added with "pan mian" soup and ingredients.

Curry mee, somehow, I just love to try curry mee, where ever I go. My favourite food.

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boo_licious said...

I like the assam laksa here, very yummy and reasonably priced too for a shopping centre.