Restaurant Paramount Garden.

Yes, I hang out at Paramount Garden again. No other choice, I like the place and whenever I have no idea where to go, I always end up there.

I thought the place is food heaven for me. Ofcause there are other area like the State (PJ), Old Klang Road, Klang Town, etc. But Paramount in PJ will always in my list.

This is a new restaurant open at that area. Detail of the location will be posted on my next post. Its call Paramount Garden restaurant or in Mandarin (Xin de tian di ~
new heavenly earth). I heard that the Loh Pan Mian is very nice, so we went there and had a try.

I miss the opportunity to peek on how the chef "loh" the pan mian (flat noodle), nevertheless it taste great. I love the thick gravy with egg. After adding some dark vinegar, it taste even better. Usually people serve loh mee with thick yellow noodle (hokkian mee). This shop do it a bit creative by replacing all kind of noodle, or even beehun and give you another kind of experience.

I am a noodle guy, so I ordered also sizzling hot plate noodle with curry chicken. I could not say it taste extraordinary good, but its curry was very well cooked with thick santan. Not bad for me.

Besides loh pan mian, you could order loh mee sua as well. The method of cooking was very much the same, but you will have different kind of texture and bite experience. Mee sua and pan mian will certainly give you different taste, just like the difference between noodle soup and koewtiao soup.

We also tried its home made fish cake. Very white, springy but less fish taste.

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