Kanna Curry House... Wow!

Near Rothman roundabout, SS2, opposite Green View Restaurant locate one of the best Indian curry house in town. Kanna Curry House is not only famous for its traditional Indian curry and banana leave rice, but also fried seafood and meat.

The food ain't cheap but reasonable with quality offer. I love the place since my first encounter 5 years ago.

I love "sotong". These fried squid make my sliver drip.

Fish was fresh and marinated perfectly well.

I love these deep fried bitter gourd and chilli. Just couldn't resist it.

High cholesterol, but that is what makes the food temptation.


tekko said...

they have another branch in Puchong Jaya... hidden at the end corner shop.

Anonymous said...

Awesome food..the best indian restaurant I have ever eaten in..A must try restaurant..Enjoyed the fried "sotong" and fried chicken very much..