Ever seen a purple corn?

I can't believe what I saw in Cameron Highland market the other day. Purple corn.
Those corn looks damn pretty. Just like many tiny gem stone. I am sure you ladies must be loving it.

I bought a steamed one (plain, without butter or else) and took a few bites. Taste and texture totally different from our normal corn.

The store man told me that the species is cross breed between corn and glutinous rice (I am quite surprise that our biotech has advance to much!). So, you must not surprise that those things have glutinous rice color, shape like corn but taste like glutinous rice. Which means no taste, sticky and very starchy.

I do not think you will like it to be eaten just like that. Maybe we can use it for this coming May Festival to make "Zhongzi". Or, do it like what I did... Took some nice pictures and show it to friends and forget about eating it, again.


boo_licious said...

Wow! It is very pretty. Too bad abt the taste. I'm partial to anything purple.

Chen said...

I saw that before (in photos) but not in real life yet. Never have the chance to taste it yet too :)

KampungboyCitygal said...

Ewwww..Sticky corns..COuldnt imagine

Piggy said...

I was in cameron highland recently and I saw this purple corn too. I was told by the stall owners that it does not taste that good... Thanks for the review, now I know it actually taste like glutinous rice!