Pun Chun Revisited

On the day before Chiness New Year, I went to Bidor and had my duck leg mee, yummy!
Boo said that their "yam kok" is also wonderful.
So, I had no choice but to stop by the shop again to try it out.

Snapped some photo on how they prepare the "Wu Kok". Looks easy? But I could not do that.

After deep fried, those balls carried by this special tray. Very traditional Chinese feel.

Fresh from the boiling oil, pack home and no body will run away with it.

Fine display, smells great also.

"Cha Siew" inside, yam paste outside. Crisp yet tasty.

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He loves those Chicken biscuit and duck leg noodle.

Aperture Priority
Another good comment on their "Wu Kok".

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Chen said...

wu kok or yam puff is my favourite.
I will always order that each time I eat dim sum :)