Giant Mall Kelana Jaya... Good Food Found!

Very surprise to find some good food in the food court in Giant Mall, Kelana Jaya.

There is a stall selling "Shanghai" food in claypot. I have no idea why Shanghai and claypot, but the food displayed looks tasty and special. So, we ordered a claypot "kam hiong udon" and a claypot black pepper "tanghun".

Since I had eaten this many weeks ago, I could hardly recalled the texture of those noodle. I thought it was all right. But the taste was so strong that I can still remember how it attack my tongue. Very strong flavor. Lots of hot pepper, chilli, a bit salty, kinda sweet. It left me a strong impression.

Good or bad? You got to find out yourself. Taste is on the tongue of the beholder, my friends!

"Kam Hiong Udon". See those curry leaf? Very oriental ya!

Black pepper soup with "tang hun". Spicy and hot enough? How about some ginger slice more? No sweat!

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boo_licious said...

Is this at the upstairs food court? The food is pretty decent there but yet to try the Shanghainese food. We had the steamed rice once and it was pretty good too.