Kwai Lam Seafood...Fantastic!

I live near Kampung Subang for more than a year, but not aware that there is such good restaurant call Kwai Lam. I did hear about it many times, but not paying attention. I thought seafood not nearby the sea, sure not fresh, somemore expensive.

Sometimes this kind of unrealistic thought makes you miss out good things in life.

Well, let's look at below picture and see how I value few of the dishes.

See those crowd? I have no idea if they are the first batch or 3rd batch, but people kept coming in and the scene was just like a wedding dinner.

Picture taken too dark. But the crab was fantastic. Very meaty. Real fatty crab.

This fish is ordinary "ikan Tilapia". It is cheap and very common. But it was grilled just nice with perfect marinate.

I was not keen on these tiny little bamboo shells. I have been eaten 5 times larger than that. But, most of them end up in my stomach.

This is the shop's favorite. Fried chicken wings. If come with beer, how nice?


Jackson said...

wow...in shah alam? direction pls...hehe

Mark said...

Location at Kampung Baru Subang, near Chinese wet market... From Batu 3 Shah Alam, at Monterez Golf Club junction turn right, stright in until T-junction and take a right turn.