F1... not the speed, but the theme.

I guess F1 is very famous among students. I had my first meal many years ago in Serdang and it was fantastic.

When I moved to Puchong, the place was blessed with a branch of F1 just beside IOI Mall. Business was crazy good. I love its cheesy chicken chop and fried bun.

Then, after I moved away from Puchong. The restaurant sadly disappear with no sign no where.

It cannot be that they close the shop because of me right? Anyway, I never thought that it was business that cause it to close down, either.

Months later, I notice it reappear in IOI Mall itself. And months after that, another branch open at Bandar Putri, new shops at Giant area.

Now, F1 is everywhere, just like our Kopitiam. But the food is never be the same again. I am not sure is the environment changed or the chef's student never learn properly. I do hope one day the food will improve to they used to be.

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