Restaurent Cafe De Sky Garden... Vegetarian in style

Hiding in a remote place somewhere near Kampung Medan, Sunway found a fantastic vegetarian western style cuisine.

Environment of the restaurant felt very English. Serving pastry, cakes, and coffee and tea. In vegetarian style.

Me myself, a typical carnivore also felt impress with the set up. How about you?

Pretty nice place for a cup of tea in the afternoon.

Oshi Rice. Japanese style fried rice with sea wheat and artificial prawn. Full of sea flavor.

Bruschetta, some kind of Italian pita with tomato topping. Taste of vinegar sour.

Swiss Puffy. Pastry without egg. Wow!

After all those, why not have a cup of Espresso Vienna to end the sweet meal?


MeiyeN said...

da name of this restaurant.... WOW, it's nice! hmmm food here looks healthy!

jason said...

At Sunway?

teckiee said...

where is petaling utama? i have never been to a nice english vegetarian restaurant before.. i want to go!!!

babe_kl said...

ooo their sister branch is called Tian Yian at Tmn Miharja. very nice pizza they hv there

wmw said...

The Swiss Puffy looks nice!

Christy said...

Nice Vegetarian restaurant!! So unique...a concept of restaurantI have thought of opening long time ago!!:D

cookies_cream said...

fuiyoh...what a name...cafe de sky garden *fantasizing* :P

the fried rice looked special...

ooo..almond flakes served on the plate of those puffs...yummy...

the espresso..looked pretty. :)

Mark said...

Meiyen.. yeah, feel very healthy there.

Jason.. err... actually is at Kampung Medan, PJS14.

teckiee.. Kampung Medan, tempat tu.
babe.. o? They have branch ya?

WMW... hehehe... nice picture I took.

Christy.. I am not a vege person, but this one strike me hard.

cookie.. yup yup yup, and I wanna go there again n again n again.