Fish Ball, Anyone?

Last Sunday when I was wondering around in Kota Kemuning for food, I saw a big fish on top of a sign board. Something interesting?

The shop called Jin Man Noodle House and it is specialized in fish ball. I dun know why the boss don't wanna call his shop Jin Man Fish Ball House.

Anyway, the noodle was just as normal as you can find in any street.

If I could remember well, there is only one thing in the menu, fish ball, no other choice.

All of us must think that fish ball sure made of fish paste
right? Not really true. Most of the fish ball nowadays mainly made from starch with a little surimi (fish paste). So you hardly taste any fish there. You are basically eating starch ball.

The fish ball here made from Ikan Tenggiri (as shown in pic). Appearance white and clean. Very spongy and taste fishy. I would say it is high quality.

So, go try it and let me know if I am wrong lah!

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KahYuen said...

If I have not mistaken, it should be ikan parang