Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #8

A habit is a habit and hard to change. A culture is how we eat our food. I eat with tonnes of chili sauce when I have my Happy Meal here in my homeland. Uncle M here so generous to serve plenty of "sos cili", and its very the damn hot.

But I can't find any chili sauce in OZ, neither a proper one in HK.

We are so close, yet so far. Now only I realized that I am truly and deeply a "Anak Malaysia".

No chili sauce, where comes the happy meal... for me laa.

Sorry for few of my friends, especially girls who eat French Fries with.. err... tomato sauce. I am not sure if I am the abnormal one or you guys have a conventional style.

Malaysian not eat chili, cannot be la!


MeiyeN said...

in terms of sauce @ fast food outlet, malaysians are very lucky..... at least we don't need to buy them :D

teckiee said...

Mc'D there nicer?

Tummythoz said...

I mix both chili & tomato sauce for fries. On burgers, slap a thick sauce on each side of the bun. Very Malaysian huh.

Mark said...

meiyen, :)
teckiee, I still prefer McD here. Just... we dun have "Fantastic".
tummythoz, you are more M'sian than I lerr...