Best Chicken Rice in PJ... Restaurent Choon Yien

People call him James Ayam. A stall selling the best chicken and char siew in SS17, very near Food Foundry. James serve the best chicken rice, but the weired service.

During peak hour, customers will be very tense as the owner dose. This is because you got to prepared to be grumble and even receive some hard words from him.

"Quick! Make your mind up." "Please call me only when you make up your mind, okay?"

And when the food serving: "Please arrange your table a little bit!"

But, the best thing is, people love to hear those and keep coming for more chicken.

Simple environment, no meaning service, but great food. You will queue for that!

Oh! my... compare to The Chicken Rice Shop... miles away! Where is TCRS?

Sour spicy vegetable soup. Also keep me sitting still.


bayi said...

As you said, James Ayam can be very rude. The first-timers had better be forewarned.

Char siew is charged at RM15.00 per "stick", in Ayam language. This is sufficient for two people.

The ayam is crispy and fresh, excellent by Klang Vally standards. It's RM18.00 for half a chicken.

The rice is very good and so is the chili. And the soup that comes free is very good too. If you arrive after 12 noon, chances are char siew sudah habis!

Just went there twice last week!

ilovepearly said...

Yup... those char siu looks really good! I like those better then the fat ones :P

MeiyeN said...

aiks.. i didn't know that they sell da best chicken rice!!!! whoa... must try already, thanks for introducing this place :)

wmw said...

I only found this average, plus points was the crunchy bits of garlic.

Mark said...

bayi... wow! you go twice a week. :D

perly... we have similar taste :)

meiyen... I also din know until recently :P

WMW... your taste a class up than me lorr. ;x

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah yeah now thats 1 person who doesnt need to know what is customer service..