Murni @ SS2... mamak not mamak

Here in Malaysia we have a very unique yet popular eatery culture. Mamak stall is not a traditional Malaysia style of eating, the phenomenon started years ago in Klang Valley. It is now spread to all over the country, running not only Indian Muslim, but Indian, Malay and some time Chinese.

A mamak stall, also referred to as mapley, is a type of food establishment which serves mamak food. In Malaysia, the term mamak refers to Indian Muslim who generally own and operate them. Although traditionally operated from roadside stalls, some modern mamak stall operators have expanded their businesses into restaurant or cafe-type establishments. Mamak stalls tend to be popular among Malaysian youths as hang out spots, due to cheap food and beverages being served as well as being open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

More about mamak stall can refer to Wikipedia: Mamak Stall.

When I first patronize Murni at SS2, PJ, I thought it is a mamak stall, because it serve in mamak style, just like Steven Corner at OUG. When I saw the boss face, I got confuse, because he does not look any close to mamak, but he only speak Malay. Questions in my head lasted not long because I asked. He is peranakan.

I am pretty sure the owner is many times wealthier than me. I never seen an empty table whenever I drop by. Tables arranging so far yet they can serve in full. Amazing!

Believe it or not? I still yet to get the entire menu serving. It seems they serve everything. From roti, mee goreng, nasi campur, bread, chicken chop, to tom yam. Further to that, all foods seems good enough to make you come again.

Price? Believe it or not... extremely reasonable.

Juice blended special. Traffic light. Water melon, mango and kiwi. See the lychee and fruit cube inside? That's the one make me tempting.

Hot Dog Special. With the word special, one can expect something special served.

Oh my, nasi lemak with very nicely fried chicken. Rice is soft and full of aroma.

This is the tom yam soup. Super hot with cili padi, but sweet enough to empty the bowl.

Cheese naan, a little bit crunchy on the skin with nice cheesey feel.

This is lamb chop with black paper source. Acceptable quality with extraordinary best price. It is tough to find another such offer else where.


Freethinker said...

without the menu, I'm lost...got to stick to conventional food names

jason said...

Nasi lemak looks good.

KampungboyCitygal said...

yea lo..thanks for ur review..coz i alwiz order lo su fan and roti hawaii

wmw said...

Ahhh...so packed till at one time I waited 30 minutes for my drink!

team bsg said...

this is a great place and the boss many times wealthier than most ! one of us works just very near his shop but the rest never dare to eat here ( too many people )

tankiasu said...

Oh I like their Mee Rajah! ;-)

MeiyeN said...

ohhhh i didn't know they've tomyam soup! gonna order that next time.. thanks! :D

Mark said...

Based on you all feed back, confirm I have not seen the "master menu" yet. Roti Hawaii, Mee Rajah... must try!

Kay said...

Interesting drink in interesting bottle!

waney said...

the carbonara and spagetti meatball (the sauce) are good..but for meatball lover, William is better..don't forget to try pink panther..