Bak Kut Teh @ Batu 11 Balakong

There is one very good Bak Kut Teh stall in Batu 11 Balakong. It is situated near a community basketball court. Not difficult to locate.

What I mean good is, the shop is always full of people and I go there again and again and all my colleagues go there again and again. Like we had been hypnotized to go there again and again.

Crispy "Fu Zuk" topping on clear, sweet, tasty soup. Meat will be always sliced in thin and large pieces. Fantastic bite and texture.

By the way, their steam fish head is also one of the best. Fresh water fish head neatly steamed and showered with thick, spicy and sour gravy. Gosh!


Anonymous said...

Is this the shop behind Ambank and opposite it there is a famous pan mee restaurant as well?

Been there twice in two consecutive days. Very crowded during lunch time.

Mark said...

Err, nope, not that shop. Its near the basketball court, at around that area. Opposite a row of house shops.

The one you mentioned is good, but not that good.

@~@ said...

I really like to visit this place. Could you lead me from Ambank? That's the only landmark i know.

Mark said...

Ambank at your left, go stright until you reach the traffic light, turn left. The road is rather small there and pretty jam. Go slow and you will notice the shop (house) at your left.
If you miss out, there is a cover basketball court around there.
Go try their steam fish also. Yummy!

@~@ said...

Really thanks! Will feedback on this place once we find it!

kathy chin wan shen said...

can i know is open at night?

kathy chin wan shen said...

may i know is this shop open at night? thanks

Mark Tham said...

I don't think so, Kathy.