Piccadilly @ PJ

Restaurent Piccadilly
LG006 & LG007,
Millennium Square, Dataran Millennium PJ,
98, Jalan 14/1, 46100 Petaling Jaya.

The address above house a reasonably good restaurant with very cool and relaxing atmosphere.

If you happen to work in PJ, why not drop by after work to have a good dinner, reasonable price, and enjoy the breeze and wind down all your stress?

Creamy mushroom soup with garlic bread. Standard in all Western menu, but have it in different environment make you feel different.

Fried Udon with lots of stuffs inside. Not bad at all.

Fried rice with fried chicken. Good taste.


My favorite mango blended with yogurt.


Cindy. Lo. said...

The drinks look so good to me!
I have to figure out what is lassi from my Malaysian friend!

Mark said...

Cindy... Lassi is an Indian yogurt drink. Its very very sour.

Anonymous said...

Lassi is a northern indian yoghurt based drink which can be sweet as well.
Too bad you had the sour (or salted) variety. Again, depends on how sweet the fresh fruit are used in the blend. Try having Lassi at highend authentic indian restaurants and you wont be disappointed.

MeiLeng said...

I really like their fried rice, especially the salted fish fried rice, very delicious. They cook a variety of fried rice too.

ummi said...

is this a halal restaurant... would love to go there...

Mark said...

Hi Ummi, I think its Halal. Nowadayz most nice restaurant serve all of us. Enjoy your meal!

MeiLeng said...

I am not sure if it's halal. I need to check with my friend in PJ.

Azzy said...

It's not halal. coz they serve beer if i'm not mistaken

Anonymous said...

Yuap, all food there are halal