Kuantan Super Hot Curry Noodle

Are you addicted to chili? No chili no fun?

I have seen people eating super hot and spicy food without any trouble. They seems enjoying it either.

Many years ago when I first visited Bangkok, my colleagues brought me tom yam. I literary spend the entire night in the bathroom.

My recent memory on hot and scary food is when I had the ultimate Nasi Goreng Keju in Jakarta. My colleague can't even swallow his second spoon. But the rice looks so tame you know.

Me? Wanted to act hero, consumed half the the plate but sweating everywhere after that.

Funny though, my boss, a 100% French (but he stayed in Bangkok for few years), ate the legendary fried rice without any suffering.

Embarrass? Sure I am. But what to do? My tongue just a little more sensitive.

Lucky the next day I suffer no effect on my digestion track.

This curry laksa in Kuantan is one of my famous three. The other two are Teng Haw and Hoi Yin.

It is hot, not the temperature, but chili hot. It bites tongue!

Nice flavor, but hot. It will be challenge for ordinary people.

So do not act stupid like me in Jakarta. Just said you cannot take it and change your meal to Kuetiew soup if you ever have to try it.

The nasi lemak also... hot!

And this is nothing to do with the shop... my aunty made it... also one of Kuantan delicacy.

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