Famous Curry Laksa in Kuantan

This photo updated on 1 July 2007. A better resolution photo taken shows tastier food. But the quality can be assured to be consistent even after years.

Since I was very young, my family had been bringing me to this shop in Kuantan having curry laksa breakfast. According to my mother, her mother also did the same to her family when they were very young. So, you can guess how long had been around for the shop already.

I thought I have not yet discover a shop in Klang Valley selling only curry noodle. This shop in Kuantan (Teng Haw) only sell curry noodle. So, when you sit in, the waiter will only ask you:"you want mee, kuewtiao or beehun?" No other choice. And you think how often for the entire family to have same kind of food for breakfast? Well, go have a look and tell me if you see anyone else eating other stuff.The restaurant will always full from as early as 7am until noon, when they finish sold out.

I had been eating the same, consistent style of curry laksa for more than 20 years and I am amazed that when the parents pass the recipe to their children, they keep the secrete well.

So, what is so special about the laksa?

For a good curry laksa, the soup is the main course. If you overcooked the santan, you will have a very thick, oily and off ordour taste. Furthermore, the curry must not be very thick, not full of the spices that you could not appreciate the santan. However, it should not overspill with santan as well. Finally, a good curry must be hot and spicy. Otherwise, why you go for curry?

Beside the good based soup, the bowl come with very nice ingredients as well. I like the yong tou fu, which stuffed with fine fish paste and pre-fried well. I also crazy about the 2 pieces of white "smooth" chicken serve in the curry. I found that white chicken serve with curry laksa create the best combination.

There is another thing about this laksa I like, it does not serve with mints leaves. I just could not stand those strong mints, spoiling a fine cooked curry. Mints are meant for Penang Laksa, where the gravy cooked with fish. You use mints to offset some of the stich fish flavor.

The shop I mention here is situated at the junction of Kuantan Garden. Very easy to locate.

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