Hoi Yin... another fine curry mee in Kuantan.

There are many things famous in Kuantan: beach, salted fish, handsome guy like me and of course curry noodle.

Curry noodle is a hidden treasure in Kuantan. We never realize it until we moved away from the little town. Each time when I pack to go back, the only thing in my mind is curry laksa.

You might say taste differ to each individual. But I could not find any spicier, fresher santan and hotter curry soup than the one in Kuantan.

Beside Teng Haw (祥和茶室), there is another famous shop near Teluk Chmpedak serve very fine Halal curry noodle. I would say it is the best halal curry noodle in ... Kuantan, at least.

Picture taken in a shinny sunny Sunday morning. See the crowd? They only eat one single type of delight. Is Kuantan people so lame on choice or they all have the same crave?

Thick santan spicy curry soup serve with steamed chicken. Perfect match!


wmw said...

Mmm...how you manage to find all these little gems along the way??? :)

Tummythoz said...

Must get your hp to call for recommendations whenever I pass small towns looking for eats!

jason said...

The floggers are venturing to the East coast leh!

KampungboyCitygal said...

yeah..ur good at locating small town food..salute

Mark said...

Hi there... saya anak Pahang laa.... and I grown up and live there for 20 years... Know all the lubang in that area.
You are certainly welcome to check with this "local worm" if you passing by one day. :)

seow cheng said...

correct correct, kuantan curry is the best,
there's another 2 which is my favorite.
jln beserah 廣發
and town centre 芙蓉

both have establish more than 20 years and 30 years respectively!

evonne said...

Hey, saya anak Kuantan juga. I prefer Nam Chun Yuan (南春圆)'s CURRY MEE..It's more spicy and thick for the soup. Yes. Kuantan curry mee the Best :P

Mark said...

Hey Evonne, Nam Chun Yun curry mee? New to me... maybe it has been to long since I last leave Kuantan... will go for a try next time I back for vacation.