Oriantal Banquet Lunch Buffet

"Your offer is 150% higher than XXX"

"Your price is expensive!"

"If you match your competitor price, I will certainly buy from you."


Such comments I hear time after time. I even unintentionally use it back to the seller when I tried to negotiate some time.

But, should we focus on price instead of value? Why there are businesses charging "expensive" but people keep coming back? Is it because they are lucky or they have hell a lot of great salesman working very hard?

A business will prosper if you have unique advantage and value offer to your customer.

So, why give special discount or further lower your earning if you know you are already giving more than your competitor?

As Zig Zigler said:"Good things never cheap, cheap things seldom good.", Oriantal group of restaurants offer great value to its customer. I will be happily going back again and again, whenever my pocket is filled.

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