Restoran Sin Leong Huat @ Subang Hi Tech

I still remember my very first dish in this Sin Leong Huat restaurant. It was a very delicious pork knuckle. There were pig legs on every table and I was amazed there were so many pigs as our feed.

Nowadays we know there are few other restaurants in the valley prepare the same specialty every day. I think most of the legs go to these places and the the body become “cha siu”.

Beside heavy, meaty, oily and cholesterol food, sometime I go for simple yet special like the three below.


Fish head Bihum… a little lame on the milk, a little strong for the sour.


“Dong fen” with ginkgo… special.


”Kue Teow” fried with vegetable… beware of the cili padi.

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