Qbean… Soy Special


Remember during my study in UPM, lecturer used to stress his interest in soy bean product. Soy bean widely replace cow for the milk in Asia. For those lactose intolerance like me, soy milk should become my choice of healthy protein intake.

We also learned and tried some product development with soy milk such as adding durian or making pudding during those days. Now I think Qbean is taking the concept well as I quite enjoy their green tea flavored. Not easy to blend flavors with soy milk as the base has its own unique taste. Well-done!

However and by the way, I read somewhere that soy bean has something similar to female hormone. If a man take it very frequent, he might become a little feminine. I am very careful on that. One day if my pitch a little high and the main part of mine getting a little soft, sure die!

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