Delicious Dinner @ Vang Vieng

When I submitted my leave application, my boss was quite surprised I am going to Laos. He said normally Asian do not vacation in such places. He however love the country.

A French base in Bangkok, he always brings his family to these under develop places to appreciate life. I share the same thought.

I also secretly discover another point why he is attached to Indochina. These few countries was once French colony. I saw France wordings, foods, building and culture slotting in between locals, everywhere. I see him seeing himself in his familiar environment.

Too bad my country did not colonized other before. I will never have that kind of experience of sensitivity and superiority.

I loves the food in Laos. Somehow the taste just suit mine. BBQs, simple vegetable cooked with fish sauce and tasty rice all make me add few additional pounds.

After we back from the trip, mum started to use fish sauce in her cooking. I thought it is far better than using MSG.

Mixed vegetable in fish sauce.

Also mixed vegetables.
They really know how to grill foods.

All tasted as good as it seems.

BBQ pork.


This is my favorite, Duck cooked with pineapple in fish sauce. Fantastically delicious!

It roasted piece by piece, not burning the whole animal.

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