Bakmi Cincau

I am one of the noodle expert, at least in terms of academic qualification. My final year project was to evaluate the quality of yellow noodle based on different flour protein content, water alkalinity and microwaved pre-treatment. I am proud of it because I loves noodle.

And people here is REALLY fanatic about noodle. Bakmi is in every corner. No street burger, Roti Chanai, just Bakmi everywhere.

Bakmi is different from yellow noodle in Malay. Yellow noodle is precooked and coated with vegetable oil for longer storage. Bakmi is very similar to Hong Kong Wontan noodle, freshly uncooked.

What amazed me is noodle here all has very good texture. Never soggy, always chewy. People here knows how to make good noodle.

Today breakfast was green Cincau Bakmi. Freshly cooked in front of our house by an old man from Medan. He cycles his small cart around the neighborhood  No need to call for delivery. Just wave my hand when he passes by and cook for us right away. How convenient!

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