Glenmarie Chicken Cuisine... revisited

Sometimes ago I blogged about a restaurent in Glenmarie offering nice food. However, the pictures taken was lausy as I was using a 0.3MP camera phone.

I am still visiting the shop almost weekly. So, I thought why not I take some nice picture so that you guys out there would not give any doubt just because of my previous lausy camera. Ha Ha


Jackson said...

wow...where is the shop location a?Alwiz wan a good food around in Glenmarie but too bad there is not much choice.

Mark said...

It is located at the same shops area of KristalBond, opposit of the Politeknik, after Shell Petrol station.

If you go on weekday lunch time, be prepare to wait and need to eat very fast, because full of working people.

Alicia said...

hehe the egg plant does caught my attention.. i like brinjals..