Liang Gei... Good Noodle House in Taipan

All my friends know I love noodle. And since I was a young boy, I love "gan lau mian" dry noodle until I could eat it everyday. So, when I did my thesis, which was all about noodle, you can guest how exciting I was. I could not say I am an expert of noodle, but I do know a little more, especially in regarding of food technological aspect.

Let's back to the topic. I was wondering in Taipan USJ area one fine morning and notice a noodle house situated near Coffee Bean. Looks like a traditional coffee shop and sell only noodle. There were many patrons. So, it should be nice. Or, could not be that bad.

there are lots of variance in preparing "gan lau mian". Most of us eat with "cha siew wan ton", roasted duck or chicken feet. Lately, some even like to add dry curry chicken. Dry noodle with steam chicken is a great mate also, especially when the chicken is well prepared.

The noodle served in the coffee shop was very nice. Springy and "Q". Its one of the top grade noodle, base on my personal taste.

Ofcourse, if you are thinking me to make an objective comment. I need to conduct tests such as elasticity test, cooking lost, protein analysis, coloring test, cutting test, etc.

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