KopiKau... at Bandar Putri Puchong

There is trend or cult to drink traditional kopi-o in Starbuck like coffee house. The environment is good. Food is creative. And Kopi-O is half modern, half traditional.

I still prefer western style of coffee, which the bean roasted without using marjarine or oil. The machine used to brew a fresh coffee is so consistent and accurate to produce a nice aromatic coffee.

Where traditional Hainanese coffee depend solely on the skill of sifu. If that day his wife give him a hard knock, you will be sure to have a half done Kopi-O.

Anyway, in Bandar Putri Puchong, I found a shop call KopiKau, which has a nice environment and big screen TV for football.

How's the kopi-o ping? I could not taste any different between the one in any hawker center. Just it comes with a unique glass and premium straw.

This is good and healthy. Tuna mayonnaise salad sandwich. I love it!

Tomyam fried bee hun. Good taste and well prepared.

I like this bitter gourd mee soup also not bad. I lived up with Hokkian food and love bitter gourd. Cooked with sea foods, meats and added with fried "ikan bilis". Not bad the chef.

Great environment!

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