East Seafood Village Special Steamboat... Really Special

I see alot of steamboat restaurant mushrooming everywhere lately. In Puchong especially, the area has become famous of steamboat.

I still could not understand why people like steamboat? I
mean I have been having steamboat since I was very young. My family in Kuantan likes to have steamboat on every occasion, either we do it at house or have it at restaurant.

My mother prefer it to be made at house. she could prepare all those nice stuff which she loves and enjoy it all night long. She said it is easy to prepare and nice to eat. Sommore healthy.

For me, steamboat come with beer is the best things. But the heat and sweat with my crab red face after beer need some patient to handl
e it. If I would have it in some cold windy place like Cameron Highland, should that be better?

Most of the steamboat serve with fish cake, prawns, chicken, vegetables, eggs and noodle in soup or tomyam. You can't really say which shop serve the best. But the one below really special. I could not believe it when I saw those seafood on the plate. I stop my mind to ask for a beer when I smell the heavy alcoholic soup served.

Fresh crab, mussels, mushrooms, oyster, etc. Truly seafood steamboat.

All in a claypot with Chinese wine soup. Sweet and strong. You will love it if you like fresh seafood and alcohol.

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