Birthday Dinner @ Zen Sunway

I usually do not have big celebration. Simple dinner is enough for me to be happy. Only twice in my life I had a big party at house for my friends. I do enjoy my friends' wishes and loves. It just myth that to keep lower profile during birthday for a better year. Strange? I also thought so.

Last year it felt on the Chinese New Year day and I virtually had the entire world celebrate with me. This year it fall a bit earlier and I had to find some place to treat myself slightly better.

Japanese seems good. So, I went to this Zen Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid. A nicely built eating place with fantastic food. A good place to sit by the window and look at the street. A good place to sit comfort and enjoy some fine sashimi. A good place to make a wish for a better year a head. Good food, good life!

Forget what's these bean called already (hey, I am Chinaman, not Japanese laa), but I love it very much.

Sushi set dinner with udon soup. Nice.

Sashimi set. I felt like a cat eating those raw fish. enjoyable as it feel kind of healthy and I love wasabi.


boo_licious said...

Happy Birthday! The dinner looks yummy.

Janet said...

Those are soya beans.. also called edamame!

TH said...

Zen have buffet style?