Korea Food "Da Chang Jin".

Korean food has become popular these days because of Korean series and globalization of food culture. We can now easily enjoy Korean meal here and the price has become more for public. Not like those days, Korean was few and serve in high end restaurent specially for the rich.

I love Haeun Khon in AmCorp Mall . But this "Da Chang Jin" chain of restaurantcatches my attention and I thought I need to give it a try.

Nice environment, good decoration and very pleasant eating atmosphere. Price list shows more expensive than Haeun Khon. However, if you like Korea BBQ, here you have.

Slightly higher price, but 9 plates of dishes! Wow! I don't even know which one to start.

Stone bowl rice full of vegetables. No wonder I felt very healthy that day. Taste yummy!

Kimchi soup... I am starting to like it, especially this one. Spicy and tasty, with plenty of vegetables.

After meal, why not have a icy water chest nut? Cooling, sweet, refreshing and looks pretty!

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boo_licious said...

Yum! That Bi Bim Bap looks good, must give that a try.