The Original Chan Saw Lin 3rd Road Fish Head

I seen Chan Saw Lin fish head everywhere in town or out town. I thought they are the franchisee but Fong said only idiot go to those restaurants because all operators are not related to each other and they just pirated the name sake to fish the "fish head".

I felt like a fish head because I had been to these kind of imitation shops few times, few places.

Well, to prove that he is right, one day Fong brought me to the original fish head stall, under few giant tree and a wooden house for lunch. There is no signboard showing Chan Saw Lin Fish Head, but crowded, even in the middle of heavy rain.

So, you see, good food will always attract people even in the most challenging environment. I saw so many spider webs around trapping fly and mosquitoes. Natural fly repellent or insect killers they have. Keep the large insect to eat the small insects, what a brilliant mind in the head.

Fong said, the shop will never ever score a point in any HACCP audit. I have no argument on that. But we just sat down (lucky to have place to sit) and enjoy the head without thinking of hygiene. Food poisoning? Just like TanKiasu said, he has 5 times this year and still enjoy good food. Small matter only. But only when the food is nice.

Prawn egg... I heard this is one of the house dish beside fish head.


MeiyeN said...

okay.. so those are da idiots! i got it, fake ones!

Mark said...

hahaha... not me say they are idoits meiyen... because I am one...