Mark's Big Day...

Mark's memorable "big day" was not because of food.
Makan is only my day to day necessity.
Celebration is nothing when no appreciation.
Party is lausy when only zombies dancing and screaming around.
Where is my heart?
Where is your heart?
Happy that special feeling when someone remember you out of your expectation.
Touched when you know her had put in so much beyond life...

2008 will be a tough, busy, challenging and life changing year. GO for it!

Tony Roma's starter... hot bread with garlic paste.

Kick & Shrimp... fresh prawn marinated with sour and spicy sauces.

Onion loaf... really large loaf of giant onion!

Marinated Chicken Grill, served with typical local chicken rice. I love mixed.

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ah_mel said...

Aiyaya... Happy Belated bday Mark!!! so sorry, been busy these days...

hmmm... Ganbateh for ur 2008!!!