Chili Pan Mian @ Jalan Ipoh

I am afraid to ride roller coaster. The last time I did that was when I in Standard 6, during our year end trip to Genting. It scare the hell out of me.

I paid to scare myself. I was thinking, if something happened, will the gate keeper up there laugh my stupidity that I pay for my own dead just because wanna feel the danger and so call "excitement". I am certainly not prepare for that.

Yes, you can laugh like her when she learned my phobia. But I still am not going to risk my life for that just like some of my friend never "risk" their life for the ultimate chili experience.

I dare you if you know that your stomach is going to pain like bleeding, your tongue and lips going to burn like fire, and you are going to sweat even heavier than under the heaviest rain, you will still "enjoying" the ultimate chili experience.

I thought I am brave in front of chili. It shows that I am still a little something... like a man.

But (yes, a but), she can eat 10 times spicier than me, and still don't care about the speed and height.

So, the moral of this is, never compare, just do what you like. Live you life in full, by yourself!

Who cares if she is stronger than you, right?

Can you read the Chinese words? Chili "pan mian" it calls.

See the crowd? And they had been waiting for hours. It's damn slow in serving. But all have the patient to wait for the "kill".

It served with no chili, ordinary self made "pan mian" with very "Q" texture. I just love the half boiled egg. Fantastic!

Add yourself your own portion of chili. Mind you, its extremely hot!

Mixed yourself and this is the ultimate chili "pan mian". It burn!


mimid3vils said...

I just post a similar entry, but no need to wait for seat o ^.^

wingspoon味蕾散步 said...

great blog....we are appreciate sharing the nice food....i hav ate tis dry chili ban mee oso...really good to spicy....this headquarted 1 more nice...cos pandah indah opposite steven corner oso got their branch

wmw said...

Oh, finally a place that I have been too! Hahaha...I like the chili pan mee here. Throw in some cili padi, but don't overdo the dried cili. Good stuff.

mel^^mel said...

It's been quite a while since my last visit... hmmm... but its a lil far for me since i m working at kepong now... sigh...