Fish Cuisin @ Glenmarie

I am still puzzle why Chicken Cuisine owner keep acquiring his neighbor shops for his restaurant expension. Don't he think putting all eggs in one basket is too risky? Is that his strategy to fence off from potential competition opening at his side. Or simply he has no time to look for other location?

Many questions, but one thing, his food is fantastically good. Few words for summary: Clean, creative, tasty and expensive. Yes, expensive.

I had heard many times that the food is expensive. But I also keep seeing those complain such continue patronizing the shop. Strange business, weird marketing success story.

Is it luck?

I don't think its 100% luck based. The shop do have unique selling proposition that pull you back again and again. It's clean enough, tasty enough with just slightly higher pricing to blur your consensus.

Sweet ginger meat. Uniquely yummy!

Egg plant fried with salty egg. Never taste it before right? Me too.

Curry fish head. Not that surprise. But still good.

But this fried lotus root with fermented toufu is something special.

"Moonlight" toufu is sliky smooth.


mimid3vils said...

The eggplant not oily if cook with that method?

Mark said...

err... mimi (or Devils?), it's kind of oily and with tonnes of cholesterol. Not a healthy food, but extremely tasty. Dare you, Devils? haha

sufino said...

This place serve pork? Coz I cant eat pork

Mark said...

Sufino, sorry its non halal ler...
Maybe you can cook yourself the salted egg egg plant?

D@rryLreAta said...

i never tried egg plant with salty egg but i tried bitter gourd with salty egg! worth a try and taste yummy since i don't like the too bitter bitter gourd.

Mark said...

Yeah! Bitter gourd and salty egg is nice too.