Waraku @ Singapore

The first time I ate at Waraku, I was so confused I though I was in the wrong place. The food seems Italian, but the setting very Japanese.

They said it serves Japanese style pizza and oriental taste pasta. I wonder Moshi moshi_san will ever enjoy Italian style sushi in Kuala Lumpur.

Normally we, the third kind (not Japanese nor Italian) will not choose a 'pirate' dish if we can have the 'original copy'. Moreover, I am not in Japan, I have plenty of choices here.

But after I had my first time, I agree why they claim 'Promising... of the year'.
I have a very fond feeling when I saw their branch in Sunway Pyramid.

I have not tried the food in Pyramid. But I have few times in Marina Square.
Somehow it makes me feel homely, although my mum never make any pizza.

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