Kong Sai Zai @ Sunway Mentari

As usual, today is chicken day and we got to have some nice chicken meal with my sis.

Kong Sai Zai has opened a branch in Sunway Mentari. We tried their chicken in Puchong before and kind of like it.

I say kind of is because, after the vote, all my family preferred except my vote.

So, why they like and why mine go the other way?

My father-in-law is Kong Sai people. As a result, my wife got to love the taste and the way of cooking, especially the "unique" sauce.

My mother think that the chicken taste good and cheaper then the Jalan Gasing one.

My sister like the yellowish skin of the chicken.

Me? I just not prefer chicken serving in cold and half cooked to preserve the texture. I like my chicken to be hot, full of steam and deep cooked even to the bone.

Well, taste and preferences are unique to each of us. Go and try and you might find you share the same thought as me?

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