Kong Fu Beehun @ Jakarta

Once upon a time, someone told me that Chinese is everywhere on earth. I did not believe as I could not see them present everywhere that obvious.

Maybe they are humble to keep their head low. Maybe they are just busy earning food to survive at every corner here and there. Or maybe most of them already lost their root to become the new kind of citizen elsewhere.

I do not see Chinese that great present everywhere on earth.

But people said if there is present, there are traces to be found.

I found a food which can trace back to its root of Chinese here. Although the person served me looks nothing like me. speak nothing like me nor laugh nothing like me, I taste something very familiar and it surprised me I suddenly felt I was not alone.


MaryMoh said...

Very interesting name. Looks delicious.

Mark said...

Kong Fu means Cantonese style. Fried the noodle plain in oil, then top with thick starchy egg soup. Quite common in Semenanjung.