Penang Road Trip

"My papa drives a very big car."

"My one has 3 cars. One can take many people."

"My daddy no need to drive, we have driver."

You might think most kids like to show off. Why they never taught to be humble.

But in actual, we all like to think what we are having is the best in this world. I am the best, or I have the best makes me feel special.

I will certainly feel offended if you tell me the place I born is full of rubbish and produce rubbish.

I love food in Kuantan. Although only the very few I can name out.

I used to felt unbelievable when Penang friend told me that the best food in the world is in Penang. They cannot swallow food outside Penang.

Well, after many searching and identification, I can conclude my findings that Penang do incubate many delicious dishes.

Hungry never happen here. People here eat to satisfy their spirit needs, not to fill the stomach.

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