Barroca @ SG

Once upon a time, my formal Singapore colleague suggested me to work there.

I thought why should I lock myself in that tiny island?

What he said that time make little sense. I was not a family man then. I was so sensitive to the legendary rules and regulations rumors. Imagine they can't enjoy chewing gum!
But his words still singing in my head until now. Live in Singapore for quality life.

Quality life. Such a big word.

I thought we have "free" life here. 

I have no idea about what quality life is until recently when I visit the tiny island often.

It is safe: I once left my notebook in the car and nobody broke my window). 

The food is cheap, yes, cheap (no conversion please, Ringgit is so damn low). With less than 5 dollars, I can enjoy very decent meal. What can I have here with 5 Ringgit?

What is "free" life if it is not safe, low quality, expensive to live and unfair?

I love Malaysia. Can we make our place just a little better to live? Just for the sake of our kids?

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