Relaxation Drink?

An article in Food & Drink Europe recently stated that relaxation drink started to appear in the market. It contains herbs that make us relax and some even has laughing gas!

This is great innovation.

There were times I just could not log off my mind on bed. Counting sheep did not really help (sheep is very rare in Malaysia). Alcohol might help for some people like me, not for everyone I guess. I heard some will get horny after stimulated by liqueur. So, this relaxation drink certainly the best product for that.

I am not sure it is safe for kids, but dose it to your hyperactive kiddy will safe our life sometimes.

If it works on your trouble kids, why not your nagging wife?

Or to slumber your boss?

There is so many applications for the product.

I don't know you, but I will certainly keep some stock at home to serve.

Myself, I will just take 100 Plus.