Abalone Kwe Tiao @ JB

I still seriously doubt that what I ate ain't abalone. But some how it tasted shell fish. Hope is it just pieces of a large shell fish, not any artificial food created by some 'food technologist'.

Most of us only see the advancement of information technology. We fail to notice that food technological development has also  been advanced to the stage that we do not really sure what we eat is real. 

Do you think there is so many shark ready to be harvested for their fins? What we eat is mostly artificial.

I ate vegetarian sausage that tasted just like the way you expect a sausage is contain no animal part at all.

We just found out that the milk we drink tasted just like the way we expected was actually not real. And I heard that there is man made egg in China that even the hen could not detect that it is not lay by them.

The milk and the egg story are not part of food tech advancement we expected. It is fool tech that try to fool us from our pocket.

Nothing is real. I rather eat my simple sweet potatoes that I start planting in my garden.

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Pink said...

Wow, u plant potato? Oh man...