The Ultimate Clay Pot Chicken Rice

Since 8 years ago when I first arrived in KL and had my very first clay pot chicken rice in Pudu, I could not find another stall do it just like that. It is not the special recipy or funny ingredients that make you excited. But the basic know how of cooking rice. Nowadays you eat clay pot chicken in shopping mall, in food stall, in tepi longkang, etc. What the seller interested is to serve it fast, cook it rapidly so that you will finish your food fast and leave.

So, what they do? They precook the rice first. Then they put the cooked rice into the pot and add the gravy and chicken and whalaa.... clay pot chicken rice. What the ....
If you wanna sell clay pot chicken rice, don't you think you should cook the rice inside the pot?

So, today I finally found a stall, which I am very much appreciate the owner to be so stick with the principle. Sila tepuk tangan.... Clay Pot Chicken Rice in Asia Cafe in Subang Jaya. The food bazaar near Inti College.

The taste. Wonderful! The chef added salted fish and "lap cheong". The source is okay, but the chicken was nicely cooked. Not too tough and not too soft. "gam gam hor". So, if you would like to eat the, well, "original" clay pot chicken rice, and happen to be in Subang Jaya, no harm go there for a try.

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