Mr Ho's Fine Food in Mid Velly

It always been full house and I wonder what's so special about this restaurent. So, finally last week I went there with a special friend and took its Octoberfest Special, which was rosted pork and an imported Germany beer. You got to try it! The beer was so special and the meat was fantastic. We seldom taste such rich beer. I could still feel the fullness of it.
Anyhow, the beer was just imported, not that special for some people. But the chef made a wonderful job on the fresh meat. We used to eat rosted pork rice here. However, the texture was tender and juicy. It was merinated just nice.
Most of the ingredients in the shop are imported. The owner spend time wondering arround the globe to bring in special drink in bottle, meat, and even the cook.

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CocoGemgem said...

nice stuff, keep it up!