My very first Chrysanthemum Wine

I was thinking of brewing my home brew beer the other day. However, things didn't turn right as I do not have enough ingredients. 

So, instead, I boiled some  chrysanthemum drinks.

The chrysanthemum was abit special (I bought it in Genting last year). The shop's lady told me that those was wild flower. Their also looks different, very small flower.

Well, I am not sure if it is really the wild flower, or I got coned, but it did taste abit bitter.

Okay, back to the topic. The idea suddenly came to my mine that why not brew some flower wine instead. So, I went to the market and bought some special sugar and yeast and started making some home brew wine.
After 2 weeks, it seems ready for drink. I tried that few days ago and it taste good. I show it to my friend and we finish the first bottle.

Last night, we finished all and I am brewing the next batch.

As we all know about wine, the longer it keep, the better it taste. The taste improved very much just after few days between the first test and the second. I think if I am able to keep it abit longer, I might end up jumping around (too excited after drinking the cooling and sparkling wine).

Oh, by the way, as the law here forbid us to brew alcohol, I need to clarified that I only make it in very little quantity for "home cooking" only.
Maybe have a little extra for 1 sip. Or abit extra also to serve my very dear friend? :)


Anonymous said...

Hey mark..you better be careful...are you sure it's safe to drink? oi ...keep some for me...i wanna try it too....:)

Anonymous said...

anyway..i'm thekiasi