The Best Goreng Pisang in Town

I had tried many times. Whenever I bought this goreng pisang to my friends, the first feedback was always:" Yayaya... goreng pisang, normal laaa...."

Then, when they saw the fried bananas they would said:"looks so small, what type of pisang is that? Wow! Why you bought so much? How could I finish it? You better eat more..."

And then, after the first piece, they took the second one, and the third and forth and...
After finishing all, comments came:" I think its the flour the matter."

"It may because of the type of banana they use. Looks so small. Mnn.... must be the banana."
"How can it be so crispy ha?"

So, this is Azmi Goreng Pisang in Shah Alam. A stall selling goreng pisang near the commuter station (section 15) in Shah Alam.

As you can see, they are frying the banana by using 8 big wok. I never seen people selling fried banana like that. And usually you have to wait and long queue.

Normally people buy RM5 or RM10, RM20 of fried banana. Wonder why they bought so much? For 20, 30 packs? For you info, RM1, you will get more than 10 pcs. And I dun know if its my problem or else, I could eat RM2 of Azmi Goreng Pisang alone.